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Layer2 Blockchain

Layer2 Blockchain

There are countless cryptocurrencies, and crypto exchanges emerging, however the industry as a whole faces two main challenges: lack of capital, and lack of expertise. 

Enter: Layer2 Blockchain. 

Layer2 Blockchain is leading the way in automated market making, where cryptocurrencies can be traded all over the globe. 

Founder Andrew Young describes the business proposition as “the equivalent of being one of the first market makers of the New York Stock Exchange when it just launched.”

Through partnering with exchanges and deploying capital, Layer2 Blockchain is playing a critical role in creating liquidity within emerging DeFi protocols. 

The team at Layer2 Blockchain are leading experts in the industry. The multi-platform experience that Layer2 Blockchain offers is an opportunity to get in early on a fundamental shift in the finance industry, with a unique team that are founding partners of a multitude of markets.

Andrew Young, CEO

Andrew Young is CEO of Layer2 Blockchain and also a co-founder of SX Network (SportX) a DeFi prediction market and blockchain. Andrew has been full-time in the crypto space since 2017, specializing in the analysis of economic incentives and tokenomics of new DeFi projects. Andrew regularly engages in DeFi-related podcasts and interviews, and publishes research reports examining the crypto space.

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